Our production team is composed of musicians who eat, sleep and breathe music and production! AJ the chief Engineer began his music journey at the age of 4, he has over 25 years experience in music and over a decade of experience in professional recording studios. His influences range from Classical to Punk to Rap to Rock and Pop and everything in between. All of the staff are friendly and highly trained in Studio production and music. We're here to help you perform your best and capture an amazing performance!

Our studio is specially designed, our studio control room is setup like a mastering studio for critical listening and comfort. Our console is a modern hybrid, rather than have one flavor like an SSL 4k, we've wired in many flavors, like a master chef we know which flavors go together and we're not afraid to try new things. We let our ears be the judge, we don't like looking at numbers or graphs when EQing, we like to turn knobs and listen.


where the final arrangements are worked out and perfected prior to recording, our engineers would love to see you perform to get an idea of how you sound well before your recording session


This is where live tracking takes place, the performance stage of the recording process for the artist, we start with a big sound right from the source tweaking sounds to fit together in the mix


This is where mixing happens, the multi-track recordings are balanced in tone, volume and percieved space, the final mix is "mixed down" to a stereo file

The Experience

At Sure Sound, we pride ourselves in creating "the" studio experience! With modern technology you can record on an ipad, we're old school, we even build some of our own gear such as the Universal Audio Rev A 1176 "Bluey " copy. We've built some of our own microphones, We use tube amps, real drums and mic the source whenever possible! We are all about the art, and that art can be lost in the digital world. Most of our cables are hand wired out of ultra premium wire and connectors. Granted the gear doesn't make music great on it's own, but we like it, to us it's like having paint on our paintbrush, it helps us get achieve completely unique sounds!