The only Recording Studio in Connecticut to combine Award Winning Sound with All-in Artist Development. Sure Sound Recording is defining the new era of commercial music production, enhanced audio clarity and stereo imaging. If you're looking for that wow factor that can make an artists career then you've come to the right place. The staff at Sure Sound Recording are experts in the field of music recording and production. The production facilities at Sure Sound Studios are custom designed for critical listening, music recording and artist comfort.

The music industry has been flooded with new talent and Emerging artists depend on the professional edge that Sure Sound Recording provides. Sure Sound Recording is fully commited to providing artists with a product that will stand above the rest. Music is everywhere but, it just sounds better at Sure Sound.

Our friendly staff is a team of passionate professionals and production experts. We're here to help you achieve the sound you've been dreaming of, while enjoying the rockstar studio experience. Whether you're looking for a short vocal session or producing a full album, we take care of your every need so you can focus on reaching that timeless performance listeners will rewind over and over again.

Our specially designed recording studio allows us to capture sound truthfully which is essential for great production. Sound travels through the air and just like a tennis ball when it hits a rigid wall it bounces back creating an echo. Our studio is treated to greatly reduce reflections and diffuse standing waves. You'll instantly hear a difference when you step into our studio!

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Our recording studio is equipped with class A analog gear and Avid Pro Tools HD, the most powerful recording platform on the planet! We have created a truly modern recording studio that utilizes the best new technologies combined with old school warmth.


Our recording engineers have years of professional recording experience working with all genres of music from classical to indie to rock to hip hop. We know how to get the sound you're looking for right from the start. Our projects are being broadcast on commercial airwaves around the globe!


Our recording environment is designed for a comfortable and relaxing studio experience. Stress is not only unhealthy for your body but, it can also ruin your recording. Recording is also about the Recording Studio Experience, At Sure Sound You won't just have a great experience, you'll have a memory that will last a lifetime!