Watermarks - Where Did I Go
EP Recorded and Mixed by AJ Sorensen at Sure Sound CT (2014)
Filmed at Sure Sound CT
Copyright Nick St.Amour

Digital Exile in the studio recording their LP Subtlety (2013)
Album Recorded and Mixed at Sure Sound CT
Copyright Luke Chase, Gabe Chase

Matt Fitzgibbons - The Rain's Coming [Entitled 2012 ASCAP] (Music Video)
LP "Entitled" Mixed and Mastered at Sure Sound, Music Video by AJ Sorensen
Matt Fitzgibbons-Patriot Music

Fear the Masses - Make Me Your Leader - LP recorded and Mixed at Sure Sound

48 hr Film "The Defender" music score composed and recorded at Sure Sound Studios

Mixdown of Matt Fitzgibbons' Single "They Can't Take That Away From You" (2011)