Recording and Music Production Schools

We don’t believe your education should be limited to lesson plans, we want YOU to choose what you want to learn! You’ll get the opportunity to experience hands on learning in a professional environment, developing the skills you need! You’ll learn everything from microphone placement for actual recording sessions with real artists. You’ll master editing skills as you work on post-production audio. And you’ll become skilled on both digital and analog tools as you learn to produce your own professional tracks.

We are different, Choose How and What YOU Want To Learn

Learn at your own pace and on your own schedule

Learn what you want to learn

Choose to work individually or in a small group

Earn Professional Certificates

Hands on Learning with Professionals

More affordable than Universities

A bachelors in Recording Arts can cost over $100,000

A bachelors doesn't guarantee that you get a job, you're considered to have ZERO experience in the music industry when you graduate. At Sure Sound you will get real experience, your name listed on real projects, and a resume that you can use to get a job if that's your goal.

Learning what you need to learn

We teach you what you need to know in the real world and this saves you time and money. If you learn quickly we'll teach you quickly, we don't waste your time.

Minimum Requirements

Basic Computer Knowledge

Reliable Transportation

US Citizenship, Green Card, Student Visa

Positive Attitude

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