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Studio Rates

I really enjoyed recording my demo at SureSound. They really listened to me and got the sound I was looking for. Really impressed with AJ's ability to act on my wishes. My demo sounds amazing!

Liz W. local singer songwriter

At Sure Sound Studios we realize that aspiring musicians do not have the unlimited budgets that major label artists do. That being said, every client that we work with has different needs and we will work with you to create an amazing package that fits your budget. To give you price quote we need a complete understanding of your project, your goals and expectations. Then we can put together a completely custom studio package that is unique to your project.

-We offer flexible block rates for tracking

It's common for artists to block out time in big name studios only to find themselves stressed out rushing to finish. We don't want you to stress out during tracking so we allow you to split up your tracking time in order to capture your best performances. Even multi-platinum artists don't record for 8 hours straight so we don't expect you to either.

-We offer all in package deals

We want to save you money! So when you record an EP or LP, we offer the full "all-in" package. You'll get plenty of tracking time, mixing, mastering, disc creation (if applicable), mastered for iTunes, and a 1080p "in the studio" video and more!

-No hidden charges or fees

Recording studios are notorious for hidden fees and that's just bad business! At Sure Sound we make sure to outline all costs up front so there are no surprises.

-We Accept Credit/Debit Cards, Cash, Checks and Paypal

We value your business and we want to make it easy for you to pay. Which ever way you choose to pay, we'll give you a full detailed receipt so you can claim the recording cost on your taxes.

-Studio Payment Policies