Studio Sessions are by appointment only, call or email us Today

Flat Rates

  • Hip Hop vocals over a beat – 50/hr (1 hour minimum, includes rough mix)
  • Overdubs – Vocal or instrumental – 50/hr (1 hour minimum, rough mix included)
  • Music Lessons – 35/half hour or 70/hr
  • Music Production 1 on 1 – 35/half hour or 70/hr
  • Advanced editing / Restoration – 90/hr (half hour minimum)
  • Simple Pitch Correction – 50/hr (half hour minimum)
  • Complex Pitch / Chord Correction – 100/hr (half hour minimum)
  • Additional Format Conversions 10/each or Free Cloud Convert

We offer flexible block rates for tracking

It’s common for artists to find themselves in studios stressed out staring at the clock rushing to finish. We don’t want you to stress out during tracking so we allow you to split up your tracking time in order to capture your best performances. Even multi-platinum artists don’t record vocals for 8 hours straight so we don’t expect you to either. Your vocal chords have physical limits and we want you to have a long and successful career. Our success depends on your success!

No hidden charges or fees

Typical recording studios are notorious for hidden fees, we feel that’s just bad business! We’re not typical! At Sure Sound we make sure to outline all costs up front so there are no hidden surprises. We believe in great sound and great customer service!

We Accept Credit/Debit Cards, Cash, Checks and Paypal

We value your business and we want to make it easy for you to pay for your project

Studio Payment Policie

A 20% deposit is required for booking sessions, deposits are not refundable. $50 fee for last minute rescheduling (less than one week)
In order to receive any audio, digital or video material ( mixes, CD-R’s, Hard Drives, Master Tapes, etc) from Sure Sound, your balance must be paid in full.