Performing Music Elevates Pain Threshold Positive Affect

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Performing music is good for your health! By playing an instrument and performing you’ll raise the “feel good” chemicals in your brain, alleviating stress and elevating your pain threshold. So when you have pain and you’re reaching for some over the counter pain reliever, try playing music instead! (Your liver will thank you later) Playing music is also good for your brain, so you’re less likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s, live longer and be happier! Rock on!

“We show that singing, dancing and drumming all trigger endorphin release (indexed by an increase in post-activity pain tolerance) in contexts where merely listening to music and low energy musical activities do not. We also confirm that music performance results in elevated positive (but not negative) affect. We conclude that it is the active performance of music that generates the endorphin high, not the music itself. We discuss the implications of this in the context of community bonding mechanisms that commonly involve dance and music-making.”