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To Sure Soundâ„¢ – THE place for commercial sound, music and video production, post production, commercial voice over, ADR and ISDN studio sessions. Are you ready for a true rockstar recording studio experience? Our recording studio is fully equipped to handle the most demanding music productions, voice over recording and ADR recording and ISDN remote sessions. Sure Soundâ„¢ recording studio is located in Fairfield County Connecticut just an hour north of Manhattan.


You’re the star when you’re at SureSoundâ„¢ and when it comes to sound we’re old school. We love the sound of analog tube amps, real drums and mic real instruments whenever possible. We’re all about the art which can be lost in our digital world.

We love to turn knobs and craft truly unique sound for each project we work on. It’s the little things that make a big difference when it comes to sound production – the attention to every detail. When it comes to sound we go the extra mile – we’ve even built some of our own one of a kind microphones and analog recording gear.

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A few answers to questions you might have about our recording studio and production services

We work with all types of music from Classical to Rock to Hip Hop and everything in between. Our goal is to make your music project amazing no matter what the genre is.

Absolutely! We do all the time – We’re equipped to work with Film Studios in LA, Producers in Seattle, etc – in real time, work with us from anywhere in the world, hear what we hear, speak to the talent as if you’re right here in the recording studio

We sure do! We offer online e-mastering services, it’s a great way to save on audio mastering – turnaround is often quicker since we can start on your project as soon as we have an opening whereas if you have an attended session you need schedule a date and be able to make the audio mastering session. Attended mastering is a great option if you want to be a part of the process and give your input in real time.

For audio mastering we can handle any file type, 24bit / 48khz .wav or .aiff is the most common format that we work with, you can also send stems of each element in your mix for stem mastering.

WIth mastering – part of our job is to convert the files to the final format – so if your bit depth is 32bit, send us 32bit files – in other words don’t change the bit depth. We can retain more of the information – ie better sound quality – of the 32bit higher resolution files when scaling down to 16bit – so leave that to us : ) If you recorded your project at 16bit, that’s totally fine, also don’t change the sample rate and bit depth – so if you have a 16 bit 48khz recording, send us that don’t change it to 24bit – it does not improve the sound quality to upscale.

We can transfer cassette tape to digital, ADAT and reel to reel recordings we don’t do anymore in the studio though we’re happy to refer you.

We have a great sounding kit that we put together specifically for recording slamming drums, we’d suggest that you bring your drum throne, cymbals, hats, and pedals so that the feel is the same you’re used to so we can capture your best performance

We don’t have a real baby grand piano though we may add a piano room at some point! We can accommodate just about any portable keyboard piano – we have some awesome baby grand synth plugins which sound incredibly close to the real thing – if you have a baby grand piano we can record the real deal on location if you want to use a real grand piano