We're tube experts, we have a ton of recording pre-amps and guitar amps that use vacuum tubes and we feel it's not only important that the tubes are working and in great condition but that they're matched for the best tone and performance. Trust us with replacing your amps tubes, we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to make your amp sound it's best! We can test and bias your tube amp for the best possible performance and tone. We work with tube amps on a daily basis!
We work with all types of pre-amps, guitar amps, bass amps, speakers, you name it on a daily basis so over the years we've become pretty good at troubleshooting. At some point analog gear needs maintenance and/or repairs, We've even built some of our own gear like a Rev A 1176 clone. We also have a tech in case there is a major labor intensive repair that needs to be done. Our tech is certified by Mesa Boogie, Marshall and many other amplifier companies to make repairs and modifications to their amplifiers. We want your gear to be in optimum shape for recording, so don't hesitate to get your gear tuned up!