SureSound™ is THE place to be for Audiobook and Podcast Recording. Audiobooks and Podcasts have exploded as technology has made them easier than ever to access. In order to stand out in an expanding sea of Audiobooks and Podcasts – the recording quality matters greatly. The bar set by streaming services is quite low however the most popular and highest grossing Audiobooks and Podcasts are recorded in professional studios. Here at SureSound™ we bring stories to life providing a comfortable environment for performers and talent as well as capturing silky smooth warm sound that’s pleasing to listen to for hours at a time. Owner AJ Sorensen doesn’t just record Audiobooks and Podcasts, he listens to them frequently. Podcasts and Audiobooks are an amazing way to convey ideas and stories.

We have a seamless workflow at SureSound™ — it’s easy to patch in remote producers, directors and guest appearances for podcasts. Part of our job no matter what type of project we’re working on is critical listening. We pick up on those subtle details many would overlook, we capture not just the sound of a human voice but the emotion that’s essential to every great story.

I Keep Trying To Catch His Eye – Recorded at SureSound™