Do We Hire Engineers?

Yes! Are you an engineer with big dreams or aspiring to be one? Email or mail us a professional resume and cover letter. We are always looking for passionate creative people to join our team! Please DO NOT call us or stop by the studio for employment inquiries.


Recording Engineer

This is a paid position for professional recording engineers.

  • Must demonstrate high level professional operation of Pro Tools
  • Must demonstrate extensive knowledge of gear and instruments
  • Must provide strong character references
  • Must pass a drug test
  • Must pass a background check

Studio Assistants

This is a learning position but can become a paid position. We’re looking for people who are aspiring to be professional engineers. As an assistant you’ll be helping with every aspect of the recording process, be prepared to work this isn’t a country club. The more experience you get the more you’ll get to do and the more opportunity you’ll have to earn. You’ll also get industry credit for being a part of all productions you work on.

  • Must be passionate about engineering, music and learning
  • Must be willing to help with all studio tasks, this includes setup before sessions and cleanup after sessions.
  • Must have prior work experience in any field
  • Should have music experience and some experience with any DAW software
  • Must pass a background check
  • must provide two character references

Professional Student

Study for a professional certificate in recording arts and pro tools operation, this is a tuition based program.

  • students will get hands on studio experience either individually or in small groups (2-4 students)
  • The course will prepare you for professional studio work and pro tools operation
  • This is a professional level Pass or Fail course
  • One to Three Months of Classes with flexible scheduling

Home Studio Recording 101

Learn how to setup your own studio and record great tracks anywhere. A crash course in studio recording for anyone who wants to learn. This is a class by class learning environment. Entry level to intermediate students. You may sign up for any number of classes as this is not tuition based.

  • hands on approach to learning in our professional studio
  • classes tailored to individuals
  • Individual lessons or small groups (2-4 students)
  • Learn what you want to learn and not what you already know