Cinema Quality


We also offer cinema 4k film production for corporate videos, music videos, video podcasts and short films. Today everyone has a video camera in their pocket and what sets our film production apart is dynamic range. We capture video the same way major film studios do which results in stunning color, depth of field and clarity. We know how to tell a story visually and acoustically, we’ve come up with hundreds of creative ideas for music videos. Another difference between a video filmed on an iphone and one with a cinema camera is that we have the ability to change lenses and create a perfect lighting environment. iPhone’s can actually capture some great video – if the lighting is right. The lack of dynamic range and manual control with an iPhone means that it will only work in some situations and the creative flexibility in post production is very limited. Our cameras film in a very flat neutral format which allows incredible creative flexibility in post production, it also requires a solid state hard drive to record that much information, iPhones don’t have enough space to capture this much detail. With the combination of professional cinema gear and the most creative minds, we bring ideas to life through film and sound.

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Emmy Nominated T.O.N.E.z