Mastering for commercial airplay and broadcast is available at Sure Sound. Our recording studio control room was built for critical listening and mastering grade acoustics. It allows us to hear things that you won't be able to hear in your average studio. We're serious about our sound and when you master your project with us attended or online we're going to ensure that it sounds best. We don't have any presets that we use for mastering, every song is different, the arrangement is different, the mic placement is different, there are so many factors that are different. So when we start off on a master we know how it should sound and we turn knobs to get there. There's no one-size-fits all for mastering.

We offer two types of mastering sessions - Attended and Online

Attended Mastering - is when you come to Sure Sound to be a part of the process, attended mastering sessions must be scheduled in advance. The benefit is that you're in the room with the mastering engineer and can address any sonic issues quickly, if there are any. We treat you right when you're working with us 🙂 Online Mastering - this is the quickest method of mastering, you send us your audio and we'll have it mastered in 1-3 days (rush orders available) The benefit is that you get the same great quality from anywhere with an internet connection and a quick turn around. Get e-Mastering