At SureSoundâ„¢ you’ll work with classically trained musicians who write, record and produce music everyday. We have perfect pitch and can pickup on even slight differences in tuning and intonation. It stands out like a sore thumb to us. We’re highly experienced and here to help you find your best sound, we can assist with every aspect of music production from pre-production and composing to finding harmonies. All the aspects of music production have become second nature to us, just by hearing your song we can come up with harmonies on the spot. We can also identify clams, notes that don’t work with your song which are sometimes unintentional – such as by using a chord voicing that has a clashing overtone or ghost note that’s accidental. It makes a huge difference to arrange a song so that everything works together, even the drum tuning.

Don’t see, hear the difference our music production can make for your music career.

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Singer Lydia Murdock at SureSoundâ„¢