Studio Sessions are by appointment only - call/text [203-767-5829] or Book Online

Flat Studio Rates

  • Recording Production - 75/hr (1 hour minimum)
  • Album Mixing - 75/hr (1 hour minimum)
  • Post Production - 75/hr (1 hour minimum)
  • Mastering - 100/hr (1 hour minimum / apprx 2 to 3 songs per hour)
  • Live Rehearsal Space Rental - 35/hr (1 hour minimum)
  • Advanced Editing / Sound Restoration / Sound Repair - 100/hr (half hour minimum)
  • Copy of Pro Tools Session (.ptf) 25/Per Session
  • Music Lessons / Vocal Coaching - 75/half hour or 135/hr
  • File Stems (all stems tracks from one pro tools session in .wav format) 50/song
  • Advanced Pitch Correction Voice / Instrument and Chord Correction - 200/hr (half hour minimum)
  • Additional Format Conversions 12/each or Free Cloud Convert

Filming Rates

  • Filming on Location - 250/hour
  • Aerial Drone Footage - 200/half hour on Location
  • Color Grading / Editing / FX - 200/hr

Photography Rates

  • 40 for Artist Photo Shoot in the studio - Raw+Jpeg
  • 80/hr On Location Photo Shoots - Raw+Jpeg
  • Contact us for Event and Live Show Photography

We Accept Credit/Debit Cards, Cash, Checks and Paypal

We value our clients and we want to make it easy for you to pay for your project - Most Projects can be booked online (Book Now), (PO) Purchase Orders are accepted for record labels and major film/tv studios.

Studio Payment Policy

A $50 minimum deposit is required for booking any session, booking online is pre-paid. In order to receive any material including audio, digital or video material ( mixes, CD-R’s, Hard Drives, Master Tapes, etc) from Sure Sound, your balance must be paid in full.