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Whether you’re looking to mix an album, a single or a major motion picture film, SureSoundâ„¢ is THE place to be. Each project that we work on is unique and we treat it as such, we combine experience and creativity to bring each mix to life. We believe in being bold in our mixes, we balance elements in the mix to work together and tell the story of the song or film. We think of drums as a single instrument – connecting each element to bring out the best in the kit rather than just a single element such as a snare or tom. We want the whole kit to sound amazing as a kit and then we build from there balancing in other elements. Every song that we work on, we start with a fresh slate because what worked on another songs mix, likely won’t work for a different mix. We also love to make the faders fly, balancing by listening to the track over and over.

With millions of plays on our mixes nationally and internationally, we still strive to set the bar higher and make our next mix our best one. We absolutely love turning recordings into a truly great mix that will stand the test of time.

The most difficult aspect of creating a great mix is knowing when it’s done, because there is a point where more tweaking will diminish the sound. Knowing when the mix is THE MIX, comes only with experience. We let our ears be the judge, the only visual thing we do in mixing is editing, otherwise we listen, listen, listen, turn the knobs and write fader automation.

Don’t see, hear how our mixes will move people, we know our job is done when listeners are playing your song again and again.

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