The Real Deal


At SureSound™ – Studio Recording is a major part of our craft. We live track bands, singer songwriters, classical ensembles, hip hop artists on a daily basis. Our recording space brings out the best in acoustic instruments. Drum kits sound amazing in our live room, you’ll hear great sounds in the studio right from the start. We believe that the best mixes start with capturing a great sound directly from the source and we’ll work with you to find your sound, there’s nothing cookie cutter at SureSound™. We even build some of our own unique one of a kind gear from scratch – to achieve the best sounds possible. We eat, sleep and breathe music, it’s our life here. We’re always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Music is the universal language, it can directly convey emotion without any barriers. We believe that music can and does change the world, it’s such an important part of all our lives whether people realize it or not. When you’re here our goal is to help you create your story so that it can be shared with the world.

Al Ferrante at SureSound™
Ed Alley at SureSound™
Nate James of Foxglove at SureSound™