AJ comping vocals with artist Samantha Preis
AJ recording vocals with artist Samantha Preis
AJ mixing Sunrise by artist Bravo Wilson
Music Producer

aJ Sorensen

When Did You Start Playing Music?

I saw a violin in a music store on the corner of Rt100 in Wilmington, Vermont when I was three years old, I pointed to it and told my parents “I want that.” They figured he’s only three and he’ll forget after the car ride home to Connecticut. It took a full year of asking but they finally gave in. I started studying music at age 4 on violin with Claudia Tondi. Shortly thereafter I was performing regularly and made it into of the Greater Bridgeport Youth Symphony Orchestra, I was the youngest member at the time, still in elementary school playing in a symphony with high school seniors. I still play the violin to this day. My dad is the one who got me into guitar, he always played for my brother and I when we were younger and we’d sing songs together. My dad bought me my own electric guitar when I was eleven and he taught me the chords for Purple Haze. It was a white Carlo Robelli strat with a rosewood fretboard. I later studied guitar with Al Ferrante (John Mayers guitar teacher), Gary Gucci and I worked with vocal coaches as well. I’ve performed in bands such as Jacksons Cove, Take52, Foxglove, and Sophomore Year.

How did you get into Music Production?

How did you get into recording?

I’ll have to blame my friends for this, I’d come across some really basic recording software at a young age, my friend and I figured out how to add voiceovers to animations we made in 5th grade and when it came time to record demos for my bands I was the one who made it happen. My early recordings were the same as every amateur, I hated how they sounded and I didn’t want to just settle with a mediocre sound even for a demo to get a gig at a bar, I wanted to get the sound of the band’s I listened to, those Chris Lord Alge mixes! and so began the ultimate quest to achieve that real “record” sound.