Getting “That” Sound and Thinking outside the box for tracking success

The most common way of recording is to get the rhythm section down first, then move on to guitar, vocals, harmonies and other background elements. We use the same method that Neal Avron (New Found Glory, Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy) employs in his sessions which is recording drums and then guitars. The reason for this is that bass is fundamentally low instrument and it is very difficult to tell if a bass is in tune when it is the only element. Its much easier to tell if rhythm guitars are in tune or not and then when you track the bass its easier to tell if its in tune. What we’re talking about isn’t the fact that a guitar is out of tune when you start, you spend alot of time getting instruments in tune and the intonation set perfectly. When you strum notes on a guitar they can become out of tune, especially on bass. You’re looking to capture something special here not going for perfection. In recording, perfection is in the imperfections!

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