The Impact of Music, Recording has to mean something

What is a recording all about? To me its all about creating a bigger than life experience for your listeners that will litterally change the way they feel. You can influence a great deal of people with your music, you can change the world! As an artist put yourself in the listeners shoes, maybe they see you at a show and you had an amazing performance that is stuck inside their head, most of them can’t follow your tour so what can they do? They can buy your record which of course you have available after the show. The record has to give the listener an exciting experience just like the show, it can’t be boring and it has to be excellent quality, In mixing the engineer can do wonderful things to make a recording exciting that are simply just not feasable during a live performance, the engineer exites emotion into the mix, emotion that the listeners will relate to.

On the other hand, listeners may stumble across your record online at reverbnation ect. and you want them to think “wow this band is amazing” If they can’t relate to your music for whatever reason then they aren’t going to listen to it. If you can relate to your listeners then they are not only going to listen to your music but, they are going to tell all their friends and start coming to your live performances. Having a great record is so cruicial to your success so before you even consider making a recording, ask yourself does it mean something to me? Will it mean the same thing to my listeners?

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