Premiere Recording Studio Since 2011

Welcome To Sure Sound - The Premiere Recording Studio of Connecticut Celebrating a Decade of Sound. We're here to provide the best quality recordings and a true rockstar recording studio experience. We are creative professionals specializing in recording, mixing, mastering and film production. Sure Sound is THE place to be for music and film production - fully equipped with ISDN for commercial voice over, ADR sessions. Our studio, located in Fairfield County just an hour north of Manhattan. Our recording studio is designed for comfort, sound and creativity.

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The Recording Studio Experience

You're the star when you're at Sure Sound and when it comes to sound we're old school. We love to use tube amps, real drums and mic the real instrument whenever possible. We're all about the art, and the art can easily be lost in the digital world. We like turning knobs and crafting something truly unique for each project we work on. It's the little things that make a big difference when it comes to sound production - the attention to every detail. We go the extra mile - we've even built some of our own one of a kind microphones and analog gear.

Recording Studio Sure Sound Group Vocals
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