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AJ Sorensen | Music Producer, Musician, Actor

How did you get into recording?

I’ll have to blame my friends for this, I’d come across some really basic recording software at a young age, my friend and I figured out how to add voiceovers to animations we made in 5th grade and when it came time to record demos for my bands I was the one who made it happen. My early recordings were the same as every amateur, I hated how they sounded and I didn’t want to just settle with a mediocre sound even for a demo to get a gig at a bar, I wanted to get the sound of the band’s I listened to, those Chris Lord Alge mixes! and so began the ultimate quest to achieve that real “record” sound.

What is your favorite album?

This is a tough question but I have say one of my favorite albums is Green Day’s “Dookie”, I remember the first time I heard it when it came out on cassette tape and thinking “what the heck is this? hmm this is actually pretty good!”. I remember more than a decade ago working at a summer job with my dad and hearing this guy who didn’t know a single word of english humming along to Green Day, that was an inspiring moment. A melody so powerful that someone who couldn’t

What's your favorite music genre?

I went through phases growing up listening to different genre’s and artists over and over and ooooover until my family couldn’t stand it. My friends really opened the doors to the types of the music I listen to. I have too many favorites in every genre from classical to rap to pop to rock to metal to list out. I’ve recorded mixed and mastered all kinds of music, even music from other countries in languages I don’t understand. I’ve developed the ability to see the potential when I hear a song and really translate that into something listeners want to hear

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