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SureSound™ is a leader in ADR and Voiceover Recording working with top film studios, tv networks, radio stations and more. We work both locally and remotely for ADR and Voiceover recording sessions and can quickly patch in directors and producers from LA via ISDN or digital connections. Remote connections bring directors and producers into the session live as if they’re sitting in the control room. Hear and talkback to the talent in real time all the way from the West Coast.

Our experience, versatility and technical abilities will ensure that your ADR or Voiceover Recording integrate seamlessly into your project.

Worried about Covid19? Our Studio is built for extreme sound isolation or in other words the air is not shared between the live and control rooms, they have completely separate systems. In fact the engineer and talent can work together without any indoor exposure. In between sessions we have hospital grade HEPA filtration – we’ve always had this to provide a comfortable environment free of dust and allergens. We’ve had zero exposures to date thanks to strict protocols.

ADR Recording at SureSound