We offer Forensic Audio Services to Lawyers, Courts and Individuals. We can restore audio that could otherwise not be used as evidence in a trial, we can verify the authenticity of recorded audio and we can analyze audio to determine if a voice on recorded audio matches that of the defendant or plaintiff.

Forensic Audio Today

The remit of forensic audio analysis is to provide audio evidence in criminal or civil investigations. Forensic audio includes sensitive law enforcement recordings, 911 emergency calls, audio from mobile phones including audio from video on phones, dvd, CCTV, solid state devices, memory cards. Just about every and any type of audio can be analyzed in our studio. Most of the task is enhancing audio for use as evidence in a trial. Our goal is to present evidence that can be relied upon in a court of law.


One of the first things we generally do is verify whether or not the audio is authentic and original, we can determine whether or not audio has been tampered with or altered in some way.

Forensic Enhancement

Forensic Enhancement involves cleaning or removing unwanted noise from an otherwise unintelligible recording. Evidence will be uncovered without damage to the original recording. We are noise experts and can reduce or completely eliminated noise from recorded audio.


The intelligibility of human speech is controlled by how a recording took place and what recording equipment was used. Evidential research which uncovers this information can help predict whether forensic enhancement can provide the best speech intelligibility.

Forensic Phonetics

Forensic Phonetics and voice biometrics provide information to prove who the individual is who is speaking on the audio, especially when the audio is disputed. Once reserved for serious and organized crime, this process is now becoming essential to the detection and conviction of lesser offenses.