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Mastering for commercial streaming, airplay and tv/film. Songs or audio up to 5 minutes in length.


Mastering of a single song (stereo mix) or audio clip (mono/stereo) up to 5 minutes in length

e-Mastering will ensure your track is reading for commercial streaming, radio airplay and film/tv

We do not use any presets as every single track we master is slightly different or completely different

We’ve mastered songs in all major genres of music as well as film sound and sound for apps.

Your master will include copies in .wav and .mp3 by default, if you need or wish to have another format let us know via email

You’ll receive your master via digital delivery and this is for un-attended mastering, if you’d like to attend your session contact us (**additional rates apply for attended mastering)

Best sound guarantee and quick turnaround