Presonus® 5pin XLR Power Supply

Replacement 5pin XLR power supply for the Presonus® Central Station V1
Made in the USA

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Gift Certificate

The coolest gift for any musician, A Rockstar Experience!
Gift certificate are for studio session time by the hour
Flexible scheduling

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Guitar Survival Pack
Guitar Survival Pack

-Comes with 20 Dunlop .73mm Tortex Std Picks
-string winder
-8oz mineral oil for conditioning rosewood fretboards (Gibson, Fender, Martin, Taylor ect)
-Allen Key Set for Trus Rod Repair
-Long Nose Pliars/wire cutters
-4 in 1 Screwdriver

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There’s a reason top violinists are using these strings on multi-million dollar violins, they sound great and have the response a world class violinist demands. These are AJ’s favorite strings and what he uses in and out of the studio … Read More

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sophomore year band ct
Custom Band Decals

Custom Logo or Text Decals for Merch and Promotion

-comes in bundles of 10
-made from high quality sign vinyl
-re-useable application tape

Designs can be .ai, .eps or .psd, hi res single color image

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Mastering for commercial streaming, airplay and tv/film. Songs or audio up to 5 minutes in length.

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tube amp tube testing matching
Tube Testing / Matching

Testing/tube or tube pair – Matched tubes make your amp perform better, replacing worn or failed tubes is essential to maintaining your amp sound

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Guitar Setup

We’ll make your guitar sound and play great

included with setup are:
-adjust action
-adjust intonation
-adjust pickups
-inspect/fix jacks, knobs and stap locks
-std and drop tunings

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band merch stand ct
Merch Stand

This will get your fans attention, sell more merch with our merch stands!

Merch Stand with Custom Band Logo Signs and Lights

Comes with merch pins to hold merch on

Folds in half, built tough

(Pickup available by appointment, Contact for details)

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professional recording studio guitar cable bass
Pro Studio Guitar Cable

Comes with 5 year warranty on craftsmanship!

-neutrik studio connectors in angled, straight or both

-high quality low noise wiring

-hand soldered

-TechFlex rugged covering (optional)

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guitar pedal board gtr sure sound
Custom Guitar Pedalboard

Custom built guitar pedal board, accepts 4-5 guitar pedals

Power supply can be mounted underneath, clean cable runs

finishes: Black or white paint, clear coat natural, natural finish

velcro: White or Black

name decals: band name in standard font, white or black color

custom decals: band logo or design, more colors offered

(guitar pedals shown are not included)

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